ASCE Mohawk-Hudson Section - Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence

Annual Dinner Meeting

Please Join Us for our Annual Dinner on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 at Wolfs 1-11.  Download the Registration Flyer or Register Online

Past Section Presidents

Date Name Date Name Date Name
2014 Jenny M. Lippmann 1988 Raymond G. Mackay 1963 Carroll F. Blanchard
2013 Christopher A. Lesher 1987 Bruce H. Secor 1962 Donald F. Dougherty
2012 Jennifer Everleth 1986 David T. Biggs 1961 William G. Wilkie
2011 Ashraf Ghaly 1985 Keith E. Giles 1960 Haaren A. Miflofsky
2010 Edwin Twiss 1984 G. Anders Carlson 1959 Cliff S. Barton
2009 John Folts 1983 Paul K. Male 1958 Holbert W. Fear
2008 Anthony DeFranco 1982 H. Daniel Rogers 1957 Harold B. Britton
2007 Donald Steciak 1981 George Tanner 1956 Gordon R. Ayer
2006 Bruce Trobridge 1980 Leon R.L. Wang 1955 George W. McAlpin
2005 Keith LaPlante 1979 Richard J. Lilley 1954 George W. McAlpin
2004 Kuldeep Gupta 1978 Thomas T. Shen 1953 Henry G. Harlow
2003 Mark P. Rusnica 1977 Kenneth I. Darmer 1952 Henry G. Harlow
2002 Gregory Gifford 1976 Richard L. Warner 1951 A.A. K. Booth
2001 Gary A. Robinson 1975 Richard R. Pikul 1950 Ralph G. Champagne
2000 Jamie L. Diamond 1974 Dennis J. Fitzgerald 1949 Harold V. Gulick
1999 Stephanie Whitehead 1973 Edward V. Hourigan 1948 Leo B. Westfall
1998 Michael A. Shamma 1972 Robert K. Palmer 1947 Leo B. Westfall
1997 Michael W. Schafer 1971 Lewis T. Buckman 1946 Morris M. Cohn
1996 Paul A. Rouis 1970 Lewis T. Buckman 1945 G. Reed Shaw
1995 Frank J. Ambrosio 1969 Harry N. Donaldson 1944 Arthur W. Harrington
1994 Stephen D. Curro 1968 Russell M. Lewis 1943 Anthony H. Hoadley
1993 David W. Roecker 1967 Richard B. Hoyt 1942 H. Oakley Sharp
1992 Robert S. Speck 1966 Bernard Dunn 1941 Edward H. Sergent
1991 William P. Chamberlin 1965 Donald R. Washington 1940 Charles A. Harrell
1990 James B. Dall 1964 Kenneth J. Male 1939 Edward W. Wendell
1989 Theodore J. Weldner        

Latest News

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    Geographic Services is proud to announce the Continuing Education schedule of seminars and workshops for spring and summer scheduled in your geographic area. These seminars/workshops have been produced by ASCE’s Continuing Education Department with your members in mind. Geographic Services would greatly appreciate if the Continuing Education schedule be included Read More
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  • 2015 Annual Dinner Meeting - May 6th +

    This year’s ASCE Mohawk-Hudson Section Dinner will be held on Wednesday May 6th, 2015 at Wolf’s 1-11, starting at 5:30PM. The guest speaker will be Matt Yerkey, P.E. of Ryan-Biggs Associates, P.C. in Clifton Park will discuss the Hadley Overpass bridge rehabilitation project located in North Adams, Massachusetts. The approximate Read More
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