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Section Fellows

A Fellow is ASCE Fellow grade is the second-highest membership grade, after that of Distinguished Member. This grade represents a recognized level of professional distinction and achievement, per the established guidelines:

1. have at least 10 years exceptional responsible charge of engineering experience gain while at Member grade,

2. be a licensed Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor,

3. be nominated by an ASCE Organizational Entity,

4. have 3 testimonial references (from at least 2 ASCE Fellows and 1 ASCE Member).

For more information regarding the Fellow program click here.

ASCE Fellows occupy the Society's second-highest membership grade, exceeded only by Honorary Members. There is no direct admission to the grade of Fellow. Fellow status must be attained by professional accomplishments via application and election by the Membership Application Review Committee (MARC). It is a prestigious honor held by fewer than 5% of ASCE members.

Fellows are practitioners, educators, mentors, and most of all leaders. They have distinguished careers that have contributed significantly to the Civil Engineering profession. The accomplishments of Fellows have left their marks on their communities, society, and future engineering professionals.  Currently, active Fellows around the world number nearly 6,300.

Section Fellows Credentials Grade Date
Samuel C. Florman P.E., F.ASCE 1/1/1950
Charles E. Snow Ph.D, P.E., F.ASCE 1/1/1950
James Romano P.E., F.ASCE 1/3/1959
Henry Harlow P.E., F.ASCE 1/7/1959
Charles E. Cannon P.E.,L.S.,  F.ASCE 1/8/1959
Joseph A. Salvato P.E., F.ASCE 1/26/1950
Bertold E. Weinberg P.E., F.ASCE 1/4/1967
Edward V. Hourigan F.ASCE 1/15/1971
Thomas P. Sullivan P.E., F.ASCE 1/13/1972
Vincent Grippi P.E., F.ASCE 1/8/1973
Robert N. Kamp P.E., F.ASCE 1/7/1975
Kenneth I. Darmer P.E., F.ASCE 1/9/1976
Terence P. Curran P.E., F.ASCE 1/2/1997
Walter C. Waidelich P.E., F.ASCE 1/2/1978
Alfred O. Quinn P.E.,L.S.,  F.ASCE 1/2/1979
Francis E. Griggs, Jr. Ph.D, P.E., L.S.,  F.ASCE 3/3/1980
Eugene F. Casey P.E., F.ASCE 3/4/1980
Johannes De Waal P.E., F.ASCE 4/3/1986
Donald N. Geoffroy P.E., F.ASCE 2/3/1987
John G. Bestgen, Jr. P.E., F.ASCE 5/12/1987
Wesley P. Moody P.E., F.ASCE 3/5/1989
David H. Bulman P.E., F.ASCE 3/14/1989
Wilfred A. Rohde P.E., F.ASCE 4/5/1990
Peter Andros P.E., F.ASCE 7/12/1990
Bruce G. Goodale P.E., F.ASCE 12/7/1990
Abraham Levine P.E., F.ASCE 8/9/1991
John S. Deerkoski P.E., F.ASCE 6/9/1992
Paul F. Cooney P.E.,L.S.,  F.ASCE 4/4/1993
Robert C. Donnaruma P.E., F.ASCE 10/3/1993
Anthony E. Gregory P.E., F.ASCE 4/4/1994
Duane L. Dodds P.E., F.ASCE 12/3/1995
Phillip C. Pierce P.E., F.ASCE 7/7/1996
Nicholas L. Clesceri Ph.D, P.E., F.ASCE 7/23/1999
Thomas F. Zimmie P.E., F.ASCE 8/13/1999
Paul A. Gossen P.E., F.ASCE 9/15/1999
John V. Farr P.E., F.ASCE 2/10/2000
Mark D. Evans Ph.D, P.E., F.ASCE 12/7/2000
Sreenivas Alampalli P.E., F.ASCE 5/8/2003
James B. Dall, III P.E., F.ASCE 11/5/2003
Ashraf M. Ghaly P.E., F.ASCE 12/11/2003
George J. Dvorak N.A.E., F.ASCE 10/13/2004
Gregory P. Gifford P.E., F.ASCE 6/20/2005
Donald Steciak P.E., F.ASCE 6/5/2007
Thomas K. Jewell Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE 6/5/2007
Carsten H. Floess Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE. 4/19/2010
Ash M. Ghaly Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE 2012

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